Green Screen Studio for Hire in Hampshire

Hire our green screen studio complete with backdrop, flooring, lighting, audio and autocue - ready to go.  The studio is available as self-service or we can provide a camera, camera operator and all the assistance you need.  The studio is ideal for both video and photography green screen work with the added advantage of also being available weekends and evenings; by appointment.

Now you too can record video and undertake photography projects in a fully controlled environment; at a fraction of the cost of building your own green screen setup.  Our clients regularly hire our green screen facility for:

  • Presentations to camera
  • Client presentations
  • Sign language interpretation
  • Website video
  • Product demonstration
  • Vlogs


‘Many thanks for your hospitality and assistance yesterday. I was very happy with the material we filmed in your studio. It's a great set-up! Both my actor and I felt in very good hands and as safe as possible working in this current pandemic situation.'
Gavin Toomey Director / Producer

We've added the additional benefit of a remote link to a a viewing facility, separate to the green screen studio.


Tel: 07775 598664

Email: info@andrewgoode.tv

39 Mitchell Point
Ensign Way, Hamble
Southampton, SO31 4RF

Note: the studio is located on the first floor but unfortunately has no lift.

Directions to Hampshire Green Screen Studio (PDF)

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Studio dimensions - 16' long x 14.5' wide

We are opposite The Flying Boat Cafe - excellent for breakfasts and lunch.

Andreas Nest, ActionCoach in Video Promo in the Greenscreen Studio Southampton

Hampshire Green Screen is part of Hampshire Studios, with voiceover studio,
web-streaming, website design, PA services and more...